About Us


Our mission is to promote and strengthen the bond between a Service Dog and their partner; to place a well-matched Service Dog that will provide companionship, love and support to their partner; to train a Service Dog that creates a positive and significant improvement in a person’s everyday life; to place a well skilled Service Dog that will restore a sense of confidence and independence to their human companion; and to make sure our clients have the training and support they need to continue the skill sets their doggie has learned and bond with their new companion.

about us


Doggie Does Good, Inc. is a comprehensive service-dog training facility located in the Central Coast of California.  Our facilities are located on two and a half acres where the potential service dogs are trained in an “in-home” environment for the specific needs of their future owners. Throughout the training process our service dogs will learn all of their basic obedience skills, public social behaviors, and the specialized Service-dog skills needed to meet the specific needs of their future owners.  These customized skills are worked in public regularly at locations that include, stores, restaurants, the beach, parks, church, Disneyland, cars, buses, and trains. Each Service-dog is custom trained to fit the person’s specific needs for their disabilities.  Through the customized training of each Service-dog to meet the specialized requirements of the person’s disability, we have very high success rates at placing loyal service companions who reliably meet the needs of, and vastly improve the quality of life for, their new lifetime owners.

Meet The Team


Courtney Rios


Courtney Rios has been with Doggie Does Good, Inc. for a little under two years. She is another Service Dog Team trainer. While she is working to complete her degree from a local college, Courtney continues to volunteer her time beyond her regular training days by being a puppy raiser for our Service Dog Puppy raising program.  When Courtney isn’t at Doggie Does Good, Inc. she enjoys spending time at the beach with her boxer mix, Millie. Courtney’s favorite breed is the boxer!


Rachel Fishelberg

Administrative Staff

Rachel Fishelberg has been working for Doggie Does Good, Inc. since June of 2015. Graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in animal science, Rachel used her background knowledge to become one of our team members who helps match potential handler and dog, a “team matcher. Her favorite aspect of the Service Dog program is being responsible for matching owners with their Service Dog. When Rachel isn’t puppy raising, she enjoys playing with her black lab mix, Marley.


Karyn Reniere

Lead Trainer

Karyn Reniere has been with Doggie Does Good, Inc. for two years. Having another five years of dog training experience under her belt, Karyn is the lead service dog training staff member. Her patience and understanding with the dogs and teams makes her an essential role to our Service Dog training program. Her favorite part of the training process is the initial meeting of handler and dog. During her free time Karyn enjoys hiking with her German Shepard, Shadow and playing with her newest service dog puppy in training, golden retriever, Luke. Karyn’s favorite dog breed is the golden retriever.


Paul Klawiter


Paul Klawiter has been working for Doggie Does Good, Inc. for over four years. Gradating with a degree from Cal State Monterey Bay, his passion for dog training was learned at a young age while he trained his family dogs. Paul has worked his way up though the company and is now the Supervisor. As the supervisor for the company, he enjoys training new staff to be service dog trainers. His favorite part of the Service Dog pairing process is providing knowledge and resources to the newest Service Dog teams to ensure they will be successful in their everyday lives. When he’s not training dogs, Paul enjoys hiking with his golden retriever, Dakota. Paul’s favorite dog breed is the Belgian Malinois.


Sandy Sandberg

Founder / Animal Behavior Specialist

Sandy has been working with animals her entire life. Sandy has worked with a wide variety of species of animals over the past thirty years. She has worked with dolphins, penguins, and whales at Sea World; big cats, primates, elephants, and over two hundred different species of animals while employed at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Sandy worked at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch as the Head Elephant Supervisor and worked with a variety of canines as a doggie trainer at the Animal Behavior and Training Associates Center located in Los Angeles. Sandy started out volunteering at several animal hospitals, with many breeds of dogs and cats, and again volunteered her services at the San Diego Zoo Primate Pad, Project Wildlife, and at Magic Mountain with dolphins. She started the dog training company Doggie Do Good, Inc. in 1998.


Nece Cabandong


Nece Cabandong has been training with Doggie Does Good, Inc. for almost two years. Nece’s previous four years of dog training experience made her a quick study and she has become an important role as another one of our service dog training members. Nece enjoys teaching the Service Dogs in training new tasks that their forever owner will need. Nece has recently added a new addition to her family, a chocolate lab puppy named Jameson. When Nece isn’t at work she enjoys teaching Jameson new tricks! Nece’s favorite breed is Bull Mastiff.


Kristina Shanks


Kristina Shanks who celebrated her one year anniversary with Doggie Does Good, Inc. in March plays a versatile role as both basic obedience trainer and administrative assistant. While Kristina is actively pursuing a degree in criminal justice, she continues to be an important member of our dog team. Her favorite part of the service dog training process is being able to help people regain their independence. Although Kristina doesn’t currently have a dog of her own, she enjoys being one of our puppy raising volunteers. When Kristina isn’t playing with her puppy, she enjoys riding her horse, Gunnar.


Megan Campolmi

Office Manager

Megan Campolmi has been with Doggie Does Good, Inc. since October of 2013. Megan brings a background of life-long dog ownership and as the office manager, is another important part of the team. Megan also participates in the puppy raising program. Her favorite part of the Service Dog program is keeping in touch with matched teams to hear how the Service Dog has bettered their lives. When Megan isn’t at Doggie Does Good, Inc. she enjoys playing fetch with her newest puppy raising program, chocolate lab, Benelli.  Megan’s favorite breed of dog is Great Dane!


Destiny Aragon

Administrative Staff

Destiny Aragon is our newest addition to our Service Dog team. Destiny is another “team matcher” and is responsible for matching a client with their Service Dog. When Destiny isn’t matching teams she enjoys spending time with her little dog, Bubba.

Support Staff:

Isaac Rios: Apprentice dog trainer
Marissa Correa: Basic Obedience Dog Trainer
Veronica Gutierrez: Basic Obedience Dog Trainer
Sarah Segovia: Kennel Staff
Olga Valencia: Apprentice dog trainer
Valerie Gracia: Kennel staff

Kyla Salisbury: Kennel Staff
Madeline Gress: Dog trainer
Ariana Sarinana: Kennel staff
Faustina Cruz: Cleaning & Feeding Manager