Puppy Prep Video Series

           Our highly trained service dogs were featured in a Buzzfeed
video documentary called Puppy Prep. Puppy Prep is a docu-series that
follows five of our service dogs in training. If you are looking into getting
a service dog, this series shows a glimpse of the hard work that goes into
their everyday training.


Puppy Prep-Episode 1: Meet the service dogs of Doggie Does Good, a service dog training
school in Arroyo Grande, CA. Follow as the service dogs go through the training basics
and begin to learn the extraordinary skills that make them heroes. We also meet a family
of Puppy Raisers, one of the most crucial steps in raising service dogs.

Puppy Prep-Episode 2: It's one of the puppy's first field trip! The trainers take the dogs to
a park full of chickens and a barnyard filled with all sorts of other animals to see which
dogs have the demeanor required of them to continue development as service dogs.

Puppy Prep-Episode 3: A trip to the beach might be too much for one of the
dogs, as she misbehaves and lacks focus throughout the day. We also meet
Sammy, a dog a who has already graduated from Doggie Does Good, and see
how he helps his owner, a young boy named Bryce, in everyday life.

Puppy Prep-Episode 4: A bus station may not sound like the most interesting
field trip, but for some of the dogs, it might be the reason they fail out. A name
change might confuse an otherwise reliable dog, and we meet a woman and
her graduated dog who saves her from being run over by cars.

Puppy Prep-Episode 5: It's time for one of the dog's final exam: the local mall.
Will all the new sounds and smells cause Demian to fail out at the last moment?
Or have his years of training been enough to get him to graduation?