Successful Teams

“Dear Doggie Do Good Staff and Sandy,

I cannot express the gratitude I have for your incredible training of Malachi.  Since we have been together, he has brightened my life immeasurably.  Having lost my 2 beloved dogs to old age I no longer had that canine companion to alert me to low or high blood sugar.  I also did not feel as safe walking, and missed them terribly.  While I still miss them, Malachi brings a new and different spark to my life.

Malachi and I have spent time in different health care settings, clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and administrative offices, as well as airline flights and court rooms.  His behavior is always calm and obedient.  I never worry that he will misbehave; he is simply spectacular.  He has charmed everyone at my workplace, and some have stated that his mere calm presence has even given them a sense of peace and joy.  So beyond what he does for me personally, he has affected about 30 people in my offices.  Not long ago, we were at the Consulate of Mexico’s offices, and he demonstrated his alert to me.  They were impressed and wondered how they could find a dog like this for their loved ones.  Malachi has gone Bi-National!  Malachi has woken me at night to let me know that I have had high or low blood sugar in the middle of the night, giving me an opportunity to correct things before greater problems arise.  Knowing he is there helping me has given me more peaceful nights than I can count.  I am so proud of Malachi, and I so appreciate all he does for me.  Thank you for having trained such a wonderful pup; he is nothing short of amazing.” – Maria Tello

“I got Shakan from Doggie Do Good. I could not feel more blessed. Doggie Do Good answered all of my questions and despite being nervous they reassured me the entire time. I cannot imagine my life without Shakan. He is with me for everything, he is my best friend. When I am having any issue whether it be emotionally or physically he picks me up. Honestly, the staff at Doggie Do Good, Sandy, and Shakan have become members of our family and a true gift from God.” – Tiffanei Reese

“Doggie Do Good has changed my life in a way I could never have imagined. I became visually impaired at the age of 14. A part of my life was taken away from me. Doggie Do Good gave it back. When they introduced me to Canaan, we had an instant connection. They trained him for my specific needs. And he has already saved me from getting hit by cars many times. He is more than my pet. He is my life-line. And I cannot describe the amount of thanks I have for Sandy and the trainers at Doggie Do Good. They gave me my vision back, through Canaan.” - Kallie Stolz

"Shanti was always a well-mannered pup because of Doggie Do Good but when she was trained to be a service dog it became clear that Sandy and her staff could make this yellow lab do anything. Now that she's certified she still has that playful spirit and runs with the dogs, but once that jacket goes on her demeanor changes and she's ready and eager to work.” - Liberte Chan