What can we train?

At Doggie Does Good, Inc. we train our dogs with behaviors to fit the needs of their future owners. Our clients are not limited to one training behavior, and we often mix and match skills from the categories listed below to fit your Service Dog to your needs. All of our Service Dogs are also trained with the highest quality basic obedience skills.


The tasks listed below are the most requested tasks for each category, however all training is completely custom. If there is a task you do not see, but would like trained, please inquire about it!

Doggie Does Good

Seizure Alert

Brings comfort and safety to the person during a seizure.

  1. Alert to seizure before it happens
  2. Lie next to handler during seizure
  3. Alert someone to help


Doggie Does Good

Psychiatric/ Emotional Assistance

Provides comfort and support for people with PTSD, Depression, and other mental health conditions.


  1. Deep Pressure Therapy
  2. Barrier Control: Provides a buffer for the handler when around other people/in public environments
  3. Interruption Alerts (Hyperventilating, Crying, Skin picking, etc.): Dog will interrupt handler to distract them when they are displaying undesirable habits
  4. Excuse to leave: The service dog will paw or nudge at handler's leg to provide them with an excuse to remove themselves from that situation
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Helps a physically disabled person in wheelchair or with balance.

  1. Steady while walking, in and out of chairs, and/or from the ground
  2. Open/close doors
  3. Provides support with mobility or counterbalance harness
  4. Pick up objects
  5. Bracing
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Diabetic Alert

Helps people with diabetes be more aware of their high/low blood sugar levels.

  1. Alert when pump alarm goes off
  2. Alert to scent of high/low blood sugar levels
  3. Alert a parent when child is low or high
Doggie Does Good
Doggie Does Good

Hearing Assistance

Alerts its owner of something important that the person may not hear on their own.

  1. Smoke/Fire/Clock Alarm
  2. Telephone
  3. Baby crying
  4. Knocking at door etc.
  5. Stop for cars coming that they might not hear