Puppy Raising FAQ

Where does Doggie Does Good find its Service Dog Puppies?

We work with several breeders to try to get the best quality of dogs with the best temperaments possible in a variety of breeds.

How long will it take to get a puppy once I have submitted my application?

Your application must first be accepted, and then we need to visit and evaluate your living arrangements during a home visit; if you pass our process the time it takes to receive a puppy will vary depending on when our breeders have puppies available.

Can I be a Puppy Raiser if I work full time and/or my employer will not allow me to have the dog at work?

Yes, you don’t have to be with the puppy every second of the day as long as you have an adequate place for the puppy to stay while you are gone.

I live in an apartment; can I be a Puppy Raiser if I don’t live in a house?

A house is the optimal environment, but as long as you have a proper place for the puppy to be and you are willing to give the puppy extra activity to make up for the lack of space/yard, you can still raise a puppy in an apartment.

I have pets already; is that okay?

Yes, but if you have other dogs they must all be currently vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Also if the service dog puppy has not had of all its shots yet we request that you don’t take the dog in public areas because it may contract an illness.

Can I be a Puppy Raiser if the Doggie Does Good puppy will be my first experience with dog ownership?

Of course! Puppy raising is a fun way to get used to dogs, and can also help you learn to understand them better.

Is there an age requirement for becoming a Puppy Raiser?

Raising any puppy is a big job, and raising a Service Dog Puppy is an even bigger responsibility that should never be left to a child; if your children want to be involved in raising the puppy they are certainly welcome to do so, but puppy raising should be a project for the whole family.

What if I go on vacation? What do I do with my puppy while I’m away?

You could bring the puppy with you on vacation (which can help the puppy get used to planes, trains, and long car rides), but if that is not possible you would need to contact Doggie Does Good to make arrangements for the puppy to stay somewhere else. These arrangements must be made in advance.

Can I share the responsibility of raising a puppy with a friend or family member that does not live in my household?

We like the puppies to learn social skills as well as how to acclimate to new environments, so as long as you have both gone through the application process and had a home visit it would not be an issue.

What expenses do I, as a Puppy Raiser, have to pay?

Doggie Does Good will provide a couple of toys, veterinary care, and a kennel. We require you to provide quality dog food and any other toys and/or extra products you would like for the dog to have.

Are the costs of raising a puppy considered a tax deduction?

You need to talk to your tax advisor about your specific case, but Doggie Does Good is a non-profit (501(c)3) so there is a possibility that your puppy raising expenses are tax deductible.

How will I know what shots the puppy needs and when it needs them?

You will receive a binder with all this information when you receive your puppy. Doggie Does Good Service Dogs all have a binder including all their individual information. There will be a check list of all health and safety requirements within this binder.

What should I do if the puppy has a medical emergency during its time with me?

Contact Doggie Does Good, and get the puppy to the vet immediately.

Will the puppy be spayed or neutered?

When the puppy first arrives it will most likely not be altered, but it will eventually be spayed or neutered. We require all dogs that go through the Doggie Does Good Service Dog Program to be altered.

Can I take the puppy everywhere with me? Can I take him/her into all businesses and restaurants?

Once the puppy has had all of its vaccinations and has completed Doggie Does Good Puppy Class you will be able to start taking the dog several places with you. However, the Doggie Does Good Service Puppy should not start going into businesses until it is completely potty trained.

Should I take the puppy to a dog park?

We generally don’t recommend it because we don’t have control over other people’s dogs. In addition to this risk, the puppy will most likely not have finished its vaccinations by the time it first arrives. We don’t want the Service Dog Puppies getting hurt or possibly contracting an illness due to being unvaccinated.

Is it difficult to return the puppy to Doggie Does Good for Service Dog Training?

No; because the puppy is going on to do bigger and better things it is usually fairly easy for families to allow the dog to move on to helping others. If you would like continue being a puppy raiser we will try to get you a new puppy as quickly as possible.

I just returned the puppy to Doggie Does Good for its Service Dog Training; can I get another puppy right away?

Our goal is to get you another puppy as quickly as possible if you want to continue to be a Puppy Raiser, but the times do vary depending on puppy availability.

What happens if the puppy I raised is cut from the Doggie Does Good Service Dog Program?

This situation rarely occurs and is worked on a case-by-case basis. We will assess your situation if/when it arises.