Therapy Dogs

The difference between a Therapy Dog and a Service Dog is that a Therapy Dog is trained and tested for temperament and obedience to bring joy and companionship to multiple people; where a Service Dog works for one person. A Therapy Dog is also worked in children's hospitals, nursing homes, etc. to comfort those in need.

To certify your dog as a Therapy Dog, they must first pass the Canine Good Citizen Test. The Canine Good Citizen (or "CGC") test takes about an hour and consists of ten activities that are designed to determine if your dog has the skills needed to be a well-mannered dog.  After your dog has passed the CGC, you must schedule training sessions with one of our Dog Trainers.  You and your dog must attend seven sessions (each lasting one hour) with our trainer at a facility of your choice (hospital, convalescent home, etc.)  After your seventh successful session, your dog will be certified as a Therapy Dog through Doggie Does Good.  If you would like to bypass this process, you may also contact Doggie Do Good, our sister company, about their Therapy Dog Camp.

If you have a dog and are unsure where to get started, you might want to check out our AKC Canine Good Citizen testing program.  Contact us for more information.